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Best Community Organization
Federation of Indian Associations ( Schaumburg)
  • Its 7 year old organization uniting Indian communities throughout Chicagoland area. In addition we keep Indian Culture and Indian National events celebrated in USA.
  • As FIA we have stood up all different communities including Punjabi For Taxi Driver Mr. MUKKAR who was assulted in racial hate crime. We have supported Malayalam Community by standing for Justice for Pravin who was killed as teenager as racial hate crime.
  • FIA serves as an intermediary between local Indian Community and Elected Officials, Government Agencies helping an INDIAN Get the right justice.
  • Look us up fia facebookpage ,
SNM Chicago 
  • Typically 2-4 blood donation drives and health check-up camps are organised every year in Chicagoland area. SNM organises such blood donation drives worldwide and including India.
  • SNM Chicago organise various weekly activities for benefit of wider community. These include weekly Free Yoga and meditation sessions, Hindi Classes, Free Community Kitchen Meals every Sunday.
  • Sant Nirankari Mission Chicago Chapter also contribute towards the various global activities being organized by Sant Nirankari Charitable foundation (SNCF) world wide and specially in india. SNCF currently operates 4 charitable hospitals in different parts of India, numerous free checkup camps, mobile dispensaries. SNCF also operates 1 Post graduate college and 12 different high schools in India. In addition approx 150K volunteers of SNM participate in cleanliness drive every month all over india.
  • Refer to get pictures/videos and details of
    various projects being organized by SNM world wide. Also refer to 
Blind Foundation for India
  • Since 1989 raised $4.0 Million to serve 15 Million Blind People in India. So far, over one million adults have their eye sight checked free through BFI.
  • Performed 170,000 free Cataract Operations and donated 121 Mobile Vans for transporting eye doctors and patients.
  • Checked eye sight of 750,000 school children and gave necessary eye drops, glasses, Vitamin A, Measles Vaccinations, and in rare cases Free Cataract operations. Donated 10,000 Braille Kits to blind children for their education.
  • For more information, visit: website:

Maharashtra Mandal
  • Painting Social Face of the United Marathi Community
  • Bringing community together .
  • The main objective of Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago is to provide the cultural support to all Maharashtrian people now in USA, with roots in Maharashtra. Another major activity of Maharashtra Mandal, Chicago is to help in bringing together Marathi speaking Indian community.
  • Doing charity work like donating for march of dimes, breast cancer awareness. Feed my starving children.
  • Maharashtra mandal Chicago has started Marathi school which have 100 kids studying regional language. We have received Illinois state approval for Marathi Language which will give students credits in Marathi school.
    Its is a first school in united state to receive school credits.
Share A Smile Chicago
  • Helping seniors locally and globally
  • Delivering hot meals to home bound seniors
  • Helping seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia
  • please refer to our website:
  • To bring out full potential from Children
  • To help Persons with Special Needs
  • Deliver need based innovative and life enriching solutions / strategies to the persons with disabilities
  • To help them be independent in life.
  • Please refer to our website
Uttarakhand Samaj of Greater Chicago
  • For Charity & Comminity Support: Even before we were formally registered as USOGC, the community bonding was evident. During the unfortunate events of flood & massive earthquake in June 2013 in Uttarakhand region, the community came out to support and helped provide generous aid for disaster relief.
  • Reviving the Uttarakhand Culture: We at USOGC, we are constantly trying to revive our culture & heritage. And to do that we have hosted numerous events where we follow the Uttarakhandi traditions & ways to celebrate, so that we can expose and positively motivate our new generations to keep up with our beautiful culture.
  • Language & Arts: Uttarakhand languages, Kumaoni & Garhwali, are currently in the UNESCO's list of endangered languages. We at USOGC, have created a website and we are adding Language Modules for easy conversional spoken Kumaoni & Garhwali languages, amongst other pages and links.
  • Although still a very new and small community, we are now around 150 families strong and growing. One such charitable event scheduled for summer of this year, where Team USOGC will provide prepackaged lunch & dinner food packets to the patients and their families at the Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago.
  • And there will be many more of these programs, events and opportunities for people to come together and participate In future also."
  • We have other folk arts, and Uttarakhand cuisine that are also work-in-process right now. "
    Please check out our Facebook page:
    Uttarakhand Samaj of Greater Chicago 
    We also have a website

City of Aurora - Indian American Community Outreach Advisory Board

  • PACE Event - Public Awareness and Civic Education event where the Chief of Aurora's Police Dept and the new Aurora Library Lead shared info about their respective organizations and volunteer opportunities for Aurora residents.
  • BOLLYWOOD NIGHT in Philips Park was held in August 2016.  The Bollywood movie "OM SHANTI OM" was played and seen by over 1500 people.  The event show-cased Bollywood for the local population.
  • DIWALI 2016 was held @ Waubonsie Valley High School and attended by over 5000 residents.  The 4 hr event highlighted Indian culture with prayer, music and dances from many local groups.  The entire event recording can be viewed at
  • ."IACOAB's mission is to embrace, preserve and promote the heritage and contributions of Indian American's while promoting civic engagement and encouraging Indian Americans to increase their involvement in Aurora's growth.
  • You can follow us on Facebook @
  • Our Diwali 2016 event video is available @"

Bhartiya Citizens of Chicago

  • Based out of Carol Streams for profit organization
  • totally dedicated to Senior Citizens having over 1000 members.  
  • Under one roof 1000 senior citizens with their  spouse
  • every Saturday Sunday for recreational events with food and for health benefits.
  • Promoting Indian community by Organizing  Health camps, Sightseeing trips, Senior citizen reunions
  • We r doing lots of benifaciary services for seniors
  • Check out at

Metropolitan Asian Family Services: ( pic in folder)


  • It is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual community based not-for-profit organization providing comprehensive & integrated Social Services to the Immigrant population of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Middle East & European countries, for the last 25 years. The organization has received many awards in the leadership of Mrs. Santosh Kumar, its Executive Director. In fact, she herself is a recipient of many awards in recognition of her outstanding community service for senior citizens.
  • MAFS offers important community programs like Public Benefits, Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEA), Adult English Literacy, Senior Counseling, Congregate Meals, Golden Diners Program Transportation, Health & Disease Prevention, Education, Computer training, CEDA, Immigration and Citizenship Assistance.
  • Our community services include but are not limited to educate, counsel, assist & empower individuals & families to become productive members in their new home.
  • We serve the Chicagoland people through 11 counties, 150+ villages, and 10 locations - Carol Stream, Chicago, Elgin, Naperville, Niles, North Lake, Orland Park, Roselle, Schaumburg, Vernon Hills.
  • Collaborating with Universal Metro Asian Services and providing home care and adult day services to over 5000 seniors of Chicagoland.
  • Awards Received:
    In 1999, Chicago Department of Human Services, presented Appreciation Award to Mrs. Santosh Kumar for continued commitment to the City of Chicago and the Asian American Community as a dedicated Committee Chairperson at the annual celebration of the Asian American Senior's Day.
  • On Oct 17, 2006, Governor of State of Illinois gave proclamation for MAFS as a multi-cultural community based not-for-profit organization offering lifesaving and life-affirming supportive services to elderly population.
  • In 2009, National Indo-American Association for Senior Citizens, NY presented an award to MAFS for addressing & resolving various issues affecting immigrants, particularly seniors.
  • Check out on our Website:
  • Facebook: