124 Ebarth's suspension Poll
I like it the way it is, the ride height is perfect for US roads and bumper heights, and I am happy to be getting Bilstein shocks.
I'm liking the Bilstens. I'll add in a set of stiffer lowering springs. That will give me the improvement in handling I want without costing much.
I'm adding big anti-sway bars only. Independent suspension action be damed! I want a smooth ride and flat cornering.
Stock supension? Oh you mean bitch springs. Get that crap outa there, I'm going with coil overs. Plus I might sell the Bilsteins to recover some of the cost.
These dang kids and their coil overs, spring rates are spring rates. Im going with mega stiff race springs and anti-sway bars to old school my way to fast lap times, keeping the Bilsteins