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It’s been over 13 years now since the release of the first Syberia game. With Syberia 3 scheduled in fall 2016, we thought – how great would it be to use different narrative formats to let you discover or relive Kate Walker’s fabulous adventures? That’s why we got in touch with some amazing artists and highly talented creators to help us come up with a variety of projects, naturally with the participation of the game’s creator, the one-and-only Benoit Sokal. So, here are our ideas. Which ones would you like us to bring to life?
Syberia: The Novel, in which we’ll take a look at Kate’s adventures from a new angle and include some brand-new story material.
Syberia: The Comic, in which Benoit Sokal will give the Syberia universe and plot a new twist.
Syberia: The Board Game – your chance to play out the Syberia story.
Syberia: The Artbook, featuring Benoit Sokal’s design sketches from throughout the series.