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the end of 2015 is just around the corner, and we would be very happy to know what is your favorite "Synthesize Me" song on the past year.
you can vote for your favorite songs, as many songs as you want, one vote per day.
You can also add songs that aren't on the list, as long as they are from 2015.
 final voting day : 30/12/2015laughing
please share among the fans, so they can vote for their songs too :)
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!distain - A Million Engines                 listen
!distain - Gunfires                             listen       remix
!distain - December                          listen      remix
2nd Happiest - Rastölst Hjärta            listen
A.I. Zero - Cyborg                            listen
Angels and Agony - Monument          listen
Angels and Agony - Shine                 listen
Arctic Sunrise - Broken
Arctic Sunrise - Real life                    listen
Arctic Sunrise - Violet                       listen
Arsine Tibe - The Secret Doors - Gizli Kap lar            listen        remix
Atomzero - Helix                      listen
Atomzero - Velocity                    listen
Beborn Beton - Last Day On Earth      listen
Beborn Beton - Daisy Cutter              listen
Beborn Beton - I Believe
Camouflage - Shine                          listen
Camouflage feat. Peter Heppner - Count on Me
Carved Souls - To Be Closer              listen
Dani'el - To Dare                              listen
Daniel Colletti feat. Rebentisch - Berlin                     listen
Dead Man Recovering - Dignity          listen
Dead Man Recovering - Pleasure
Eminent Sol - Decade                       listen
Eminent Sol - Have in Mind
EMT - Let Me Go                               listen
EMT - Regret                                    listen
Erotic Elk - Seal The Moment             listen
Erotic Elk - What you give is what you get                 listen
Eurasianeyes - Call Your God            listen
Eurotix - Kiss Them For Me               listen
Frozen Plasma - Living On video        listen
Future Perfect - Fall                          listen
Head-Less - Halt Mich                        listen
Heliophile - Towers so Tall                listen
In Good Faith - Hit Me Hard               listen
In Good Faith - It's Tearing Me Apart                        listen
Love? - I Walk alone                         listen
Machinista - Ghost                            listen
Machinista - We are rockets              listen
Mechatronic - Falling Apart                listen - Timelessness            listen
Model Depose - Particles
Model Depose - Papercut
Nature of Wires & CountessM - Perfect Menagerie                listen
Neuroticfish - Behaviour                    listen
New order - Plastic                        listen
Nordika feat. Alex Braun - Delirious Passion (Satisfy Me)          listen        remix
Nordika featuring Henrik Iversen - Fly                      listen      remix
nTTx - Falls Beautiful                        listen
Out Of Sphere - Follow Me
Out Of Sphere - Run                         listen      remix
Parralox - Aeronaut                          listen
Parralox - Somebody II                    listen
Parralox - Wildlife                            listen
People theatre - Better
Pos.:2 - No Time To Waste                listen
Pos.:2 - I'm Bleeding                        listen
Pos.:2 - Memories                            listen
Propolis - The Secret                        listen
Rare Facture - A Million Words           listen
Rare Facture - Light in the Dark         listen
Rare Facture - Say Something           listen
Real Experts featuring Patrick Barclay - Lemon Is Lemon         listen     remix
Real Experts featuring Daniel Angelus - Don't Stay   listen
Rroyce - Bohemian Life                     listen
Rroyce - Thank You, I'm Scared        listen      remix
Ruined Conflict - Anonymous             listen
Ruined Conflict - Labeled Enemy        listen
Seadrake - On The Run                    listen
Sinestar - Fortunes Fades                  listen
Sinestar - The Same Way                 listen
Sirpaul - Kiss Me, Kill Me
Solar Fake - Under Control                listen
Solar Fake - All The Things You Say             listen
Tame Genius - Synthpop Changed My Life     listen       remix
Tenek - What Kind of Friend              listen
Train To Spain - Keep On Running                listen
Tyske Ludder - Meskalin                   listen
Under The Stars - Narcissistic           listen
Vogon Poetry - Never Too Late            listen       remix
Vogon Poetry - Spit it out                  listen
Vogon Poetry - Virtues                      listen
Vogon Poetry - Ready Player One                listen
WANT/ed with !distain - Talking Dead           listen      remix
WooT - Don't You                             listen
Vaylon - Empty Streets                     listen
Xparadox - Hero                              listen
Xparadox - Time To Heal                  listen
Zoon Politicon - Moments                  listen
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