Puppet Pirates #112 Voting
Boochbeard: "Aye! This St. Paddy's day is a holiday I can get behind." Gandry: "Is it because green is your favorite color?" Boochbeard: "Arrr. Tis' that and its all about gold." ~ Fiery Griffin Windlass
Boochbeard: "Going green is the best idea you have ever had Gandry." ~ Mr. Lime
Gandry: "Now all you'll need is Red hair dye and the Leprechauns will welcome you with open arms." Boochbeard: "Then their gold will be ours for the taking, Pirating at its best!" ~ Dante
Boochbeard: "Yarr, with new finery like this our adventures are bound to be worth the trouble!" Gandry: "What makes you say that, Captain?" Boochbeard: "Just feeling a little lucky!" ~ Aleta
"They say the leaves of a clover stand for integrity, hope and luck. For their integrity's sake they'd better hope they're lucky enough that Vadima doesn't find out the green outfits they stole from her are missing." ~ Seth/Flash33
Gandry: "Our quest has us feeling lucky today. Its not everyday you get to see the Leprechaun. Are these costumes really going to work?" Boochbeard: "We blend right in with the forest and trees. Yohoho! The Leprechauns pot of gold awaits over the rainbow." ~ Loyal Wolf Walker
Gandry: "What are we doing today Boochbeard?" Boochbeard: "Same thing we do every night Gandry, try to get more gold!" ~ Ronan Cormac
Boochbeard: "Knock-Knock!" Gandry: "Who's there?" Boochbeard: "Irish" Gandry: "Irish who?" Boochbeard: "Irish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!" ~ Jaedyn