Does age differences matters when dating online?

Every week, I receive, approximately 6 to 10 letters from western men, who begin their stories like this:

“Recently, I met a Russian woman and I feel like  we have a lot in common. she is 23 years old and I am 50 but I look much younger ……. “

Or like this:

“I just came from Russia , where I met my beautiful Elena. I  corresponded with her via the internet for 4 months before I went to see her.  Everything was great during my visit with her and now I am in the process of  obtaining a  K1 visa for her. She is 21 years old and I am 49 , but  friends  tell me  that I look 35.”

Also, I  receive letters like this:

“Dear, Marina:
Please, help me!

I desperately need your advice.  About 6 months ago I married a 24 year old Russian woman and just recently discovered that she is cheating on me with a guy who is 25. I am so devastated that I am planning to file for divorce. My question is ……………….? By the way, I am 51 years old but look very young. She never complained or made an issue of our age difference and I never thought our age difference posed a problem.”

Ok, enough examples, I think that you get the point!

There are many men, 45 and older, from western countries who want to find and marry  Russian women who are very young, just out of their teens and in their early twenties and some of these relationships have been successful.

All these couples have one thing in common: The men always look much younger than their age and they always describe their young Russian woman as surprisingly “much more  mature” compared to the young women of their country.

Well, well…….

I have to admit that western men DO look much younger than Russian men of the same age. But I have a very hard time believing in a existence of  “very mature” young Russian girls. While living in Russia most of my life, I never met one of these ”mature” young  Russian girls, but who knows, maybe I was not  lucky enough ? All the young Russian women, who I encountered were not much different from the young women that I met in the U.S.A.

Young women, no matter what country they are from, live in their own world. A world that is messy, exciting and unstable. This is the world, where today’s heart break can turn into the tomorrow’s new romance almost without any difficulties. Do you remember yourself or your friends at that young age?

Of course this true as long as there are no children involved  in the relationship.

Elena, DoctorWhen  we are in love, we live in a very special world. That is why the old saying,  “Love is blind” is such an accurate statement. Once we are the road to developing a “family life” our vision usually returns rather quickly.
How  quickly ?  It depends …

But in the case of the couple above, it took only 6 months.

The second categories of letters that I constantly receive are about money matters.

One Italian gentleman sent me a letter in which he wrote that he is a “very young looking” 60 year old, ( of course.. what else? )

It  happened that he met and fell in love with a 21 year old Russian girl. The romance was at it’s peak  when she asked him to buy her an apartment in Russia for $60 000!!!

Actually,  this guy was financially, very well set, so he wrote in his letter that he could make this gift to his Russian beauty EASILY, but…..….he wasn’t sure that he should……. He thought that she asked too much and  asked my opinion about this situation, because he was afraid to lose her.

Ok, lets take a look at this Russian beauty.

Some would call her a scammer….. Not me!

I would call her  heartless, and a selfish girl with $$$$ signs in her eyes. The kind of young woman that you meet, often, nowadays in many different countries. I remember how, about 2 years ago, one young  girl from the US , sold her virginity on eBay and that a guy from Canada bought it for about $30 000.

With that situation firmly planted in your mind, let’s talk about her Russian “counter-part”
Was this young Russian girl a “scammer?”   I don’t think so. She didn’t lie to her Italian sweetheart and she didn’t try to trap him into anything. She just told him honestly and straight forwardly what she wanted .

I guess that she  just  figured out that a 40 years age difference  could be counted in a money equivalency, the same as American girl figured out how much her virginity was worth.

In  the  case of the  Russian girl, $1500 for each  year of an age difference….…look like a bargain! : )

But seriously, this guy is very lucky. At least, she was honest enough to show him her financial appetite before there was a marriage. He finally began to understand how it is feels to have a relationship with a woman 40 years his junior!.

So, what was my advice to this guy?
Be realistic:
Quit looking for a ““child/wife”, ” and begin looking for a woman .