July 2020 Psybient Releases
Acidova, Amritone - Forgotten Paradise [Calligraphy Recordings]
Advanced Suite - What Am I Doing [Self Released]
Akasha Project - Einsteigen [Self Released]
Alex Fun - Sunset Bloomer [Self Released]
Aliens From Inner Space - Seductive Soul [Astral Vision Records]
Aliias - Pop Off That [Bass Star Records]
Alon - Midele Feast [Bass Star Records]
Alterra Project - Holomorphic EP [Mindspring Music]
Andrew Heath - Halcyon Days [Disco Gecko Recordings]
Antarctic Wastelands, Matt Tondut, Lauge - Winter Wanderers [Self Released]
Arthur Pralaya - Solaris [Self Released]
Atyya, Dillard - Eon [Self Released]
Balancé - Return [Moondance]
Banco De Gaia - Igizeh (20th Anniversary Edition) [Self Released]
Bes - See [Mamomam Records]
Beyond Repair, Heirz - Sally [Danktronics]
Biobazar - CBD - Corona Brocoli Disco [Self Released]
Bluetech - Sines And Singularities (Remastered) [Behind The Sky Music]
Boketto - Brontide EP [Oval Harmonique]
Cabeiri - Little Monk Stepping [DeeperSoundscapes]
Cena Balak - Dessert [Bass Star Records]
Chris Russell - Elliptical [Exosphere]
Chrisna Karast, Nikunja Dasi - Narah [Chrisna Karast]
CloZee - Neon Jungle [Self Released]
D-Echo Project - Flavours [Cyan Music]
D. Batistatos - Invation [Cosmicleaf Records]
Dense - The Cherry Files [Cosmicleaf Records]
Descroix, Disfunctional Disco - Pillow Fight [Sofa Beats]
Desert Dwellers - Breath Re-Imagined Vol. 2 [Desert Trax]
Desert Dwellers, Paul Stamets - One Giant Consciousness (Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine) [White Swan Records]
Dillard - Meander [Self Released]
Dillard, Drrtywulvz - O_O [Self Released]
Dimension Of Sound - Cultural Shock EP [Self Released]
Dirty Hippy - Section 12 [Self Released]
Dreamstate Logic - Space Born [Self Released]
Dreamwalker - The Vile [Self Released]
Drumspyder - Winding Ways [Self Released]
E-Mantra - The Hermit's Sanctuary [Melusine Records]
Earth Sine, Roe - Humanized Symphony [Self Released]
Echo Grid - Neon Nightmares [Self Released]
Eguana - Abyss [Cosmicleaf Records]
Eguana - No Magic [Cosmicleaf Records]
Ekaologik - Gaia EP [Hadra Altervision Records]
Elishman - Internal Unity [Mindspring Music]
Essence Project - Here And Now [Eucalyptus Network]
Faserklang - Lightheaded [Cyan Music]
Fate Æffect, Arcane Trickster - Catacombs [Tempest Recordings]
Fly, Dela Moon - Solar Eclipse [The Rust Music]
Gaudi - The Lost Dat Tapes (Dat 1) [Self Released]
Geometrae - Luminescence [Merkaba Music]
Germind - Goa Elixir [Plexus Music]
Grasz, Schultz - One. [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Gregory Paul Mineeff - When They Wept [Cosmicleaf Records]
Hardcore Buddhist - Breaks The Rules [Cosmicleaf Records]
Hedflux - The Philosopher's Tone [Luminus Music]
Hoducoma - Metamorphosis. Chapter II [Plexus Music]
Illuminertia - Raise Your Vibration (Rituals & Rhymes) [Self Released]
Intrasol - Below [Self Released]
Ishq - Outer Gateway [Virtual]
Ishq - Places I Have Been [Virtual]
Isostatic - Glacial Epoch [Exosphere]
Jaguartree - Relics Of Consciousness [Merkaba Music]
Jakare - Schizophonia [Desert Trax]
Kaya Project - Remixed: Body.Mind.Soul. Pt. 1 [Tribal Shift Records]
Kogaionon - Hyperborea [Kogaion Records]
Kukan Dub Lagan - Searching For A Fogbow [Self Released]
Kyoto - Skywolf (Remastered) [Microcosmos Records]
Larhythmix - Buddha Flow [Batik Records]
Latesil, Stolen Mech - No Way FM [Dubstep SF]
Legion Of Green Men - Hotbox Highway [Self Released]
Lemonchill - Symphony [Bass Star Records]
Lemonchill, Arcane Trickster - Spiritual Bypass [Tempest Recordings]
Litlbird - The Vaticination [Wormhole Music Group]
Lxsh - Shrine Remixes [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Lydia - Landscape [Altar Records]
Mahto Akicita, Tiwahe - Wokiksuye : A Tribute To Our Ancestors [Aquatic Collective]
Malakai - Axiome [Colony Productions]
Martins Garden - Below [Aquatic Collective]
Marvin Wilson - The Need To Know [Alex Tronic Records]
Medicine Fox - Equinox [Self Released]
Mike Palmu - Nautinto [Self Released]
Mindex - Logic Board Music [Time Resonance Music]
Miramorf - Facets: Volume I [Tranquil Sounds Productions]
Miramorf - Facets: Volume II [Tranquil Sounds Productions]
Narcose - Apparitions [Mystic Sound Records]
Natural Life Essence - Bioluminescent Forest [Self Released]
Natural Life Essence - Organic Adventures [Neotantra]
Nëru - 1000 Travels [Self Released]
Nëru - Selene [Self Released]
Nëru - Water Hourglass [Self Released]
Nico Luminous - The Bap Jungle [Self Released]
Nicolas Perez - On My Way To Nowhere [Self Released]
Ohrusvuda - Steps [Ovnimoon Records]
Opiuo, Vorso - Martian March [Self Released]
Pitch Black - The Light Within [Dubmission Records]
Potlatch - Surface Of Memory [Cosmicleaf Records]
Pulsarum - Existence Of Life [AstroPilot Music]
Purpleandroid - Irrational Hero [Self Released]
Qeight - Cradle [Plexus Music]
Rasec Leon - Wriggle To The Abduction [Self Released]
Remote Vision - Hypnos [Self Released]
Rising Galaxy - Bread [Cosmicleaf Records]
Robert Elster - Endless Observations [Liquid Sound Design]
Ryanosaurus - The Birds And The Bleeps: The Remixes [Zenon Records]
Shalohim, Invisible Ralf, Emog - Illuminated [Self Released]
Side Liner, I-One - Spiritual Connection [Cosmicleaf Records]
Simon Posford - Flux & Contemplation - Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation [Twisted Records]
Sourone - Binary Dualism [Self Released]
Sourone - Inspiral [Self Released]
Spacewind - Space Dialect [Self Released]
Spatialize - Light Persists (Ghandi Mix) [Self Released]
Spectrum Vision - Ujome [Newtimerecords Studio]
Spirit Of The Wood - A Peaceful Moment [Self Released]
Spirit Of The Wood - Seasons [Self Released]
Spirits Grapes - Hey You [Self Released]
Squazoid - Voyage Across The Remixes [Self Released]
State Azure - Edge Of Forever [Self Released]
Stefan Torto - Cloud Observer (Live) [Self Released]
Substan - Digitales II [Self Released]
SuDs - Hypertension [ShadowTrix Music]
Suena - Experience [Ox-Zone Records]
Suena - Narcotica [Ox-Zone Records]
Sumiruna - Griot [Merkaba Music]
Sungirl - Multi Faceted [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Sworra - Hybrid X [Dubstep SF]
Syrge - Frontier EP [Billegal Beats]
Terra Nine - Eternity Remixes [Sofa Beats]
The Blossom Seed - As You Wish [Self Released]
Tikki Masala - Going Wild [Self Released]
Tor.Ma In Dub - Among Aliens And Gods [Dubmission Records]
Translippers - Bekanze [Cosmicleaf Records]
Trecide - Collided [Batik Records]
Triptone - City Of Love [Cosmicleaf Records]
Unusual Cosmic Process - Voice Of Earth [AstroPilot Music]
Various Artists - Ambient Online Themed Compilation 10: Unity (Benefit Compilation) [Ambient Online]
Various Artists - Ambiently Speaking Vol.1 [Trimurti Records]
Various Artists - Café Shanghai [Avatar Records]
Various Artists - Cyanea Vol. II [Psychedelic Jelly]
Various Artists - Ethnostep 10 [Subbass]
Various Artists - Fairy Tales Vol. 5 [Om Mantra Records]
Various Artists - Maui Chill - Vol Two (Sunset At The Kihei Cafe) [Waveform Records]
Various Artists - Sagittarius Dreams [Mystic Sound Records]
Various Artists - Temple Of Dub Vol. 2 [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Various Artists - The Chill Stompers, II [AstroPilot Music]
Vokab Kompany - Like That Feat. Jpod [Gravitas Recordings]
Vokab Kompany - Small Viktories [Gravitas Recordings]
Yaima - Mycelia [Self Released]
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