February 2020 Psybient Releases
Adam Al-Sawad - MindSeize Original Game Soundtrack [Self Released]
Advanced Suite - Psypher [Self Released]
A Hundred Drums - A Hundred Drums [Gravitas Recordings]
Amunraja - Evolution [Self Released]
AstroPilot - The Archive II [Astrosphere Records]
AstroPilot, Sharshar - Faded Walls [AstroPilot Music]
Ateris - Serenity [Mystic Sound Records]
ATYYA - Ritual [Self Released]
Axon Genesis - Horizons Of The Future Soundtrack [Self Released]
Balancé - One Second [Self Released]
Boketto - Yugen EP [Sentimony Records]
Chester, Oscar - Supersonic Sound [Protonic Records]
Cosmal - Cosmal [Koi Sound]
Cosmic Touch - The White Light EP [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Cosmosis - Flying High [Self Released]
Cosmosis - Shanti [Self Released]
Cosmosis, Quantica - Dubstation [Self Released]
Cubering - Mirage [Microcosmos Records]
Decomposer - Decomposer Play Parvati [Orbita Parvati]
Dense, Side Liner - Restless Freqs Syndrome Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records]
DigiXaman - Divine Molecular Transcendence [Self Released]
Dillard - Falling Ether [Self Released]
Drrtywulvz - E V E [Self Released]
Deuteroz In Chill - Familia [Astral Vision Records]
Dyodho - Spaceman [Ox-zone Records]
Eguana - Industrial Vibrations Vol. 2 [Plexus Music]
Eguana, Reblooming - Aliens Pyramid [Plexus Music]
Elohi - Enochiana [Synchronos Recordings]
E-Mantra - Drifting [Ensancha El Alma Records]
E-Mantra - Poem [Melusine Records]
Entheo - Mother Pulse [Self Released]
EpitomeZero - Lightforms 2.0 [Self Released]
Ethos Lab - Kula Sudhra Ira [Self Released]
Extatic - Metaphysical [Self Released]
Fowl Play, Slaycub - Tesseract / System [Swamp Music]
Giyo - Someday [Self Released]
Gregory Paul Mineeff, Arcane Trickster - A Concept Vol. 3 [Cosmicleaf Records]
Gregory Paul Mineeff, Zero Cult - Catatonia Live Improvisation [Cosmicleaf Records]
Griffin Paisley - Endless Evergreen [Desert Trax]
Hardcore Buddhist - Funky Psychedelia [Cosmicleaf Records]
HC - Sinestesia [AstroPilot Music]
Hypnotic Peafowl - The Mirror [Zenon Records]
Ill-esha - Tribal Gathering: Songs From The Sweat Shed [Self Released]
I.M.D. - Hertz - 01 [Self Released]
In'R'Voice - The Light At The End... [Cosmicleaf Records]
In The Branches - Planetary Confinement [Self Released]
IooN Cosmic Downtempo - Sleep Tones [Self Released]
Kalya Scintilla, Deya Dova - Tribeoriginal (Tribone Remix) [Merkaba Music]
Kill The Geek - Lonely Girls Danceclub [Cosmicleaf Records]
Koyote - Darkness [Ovnimoon Records]
Lauge - Luminescence [Self Released]
Lauge, Matt Tondut - Winter Walks [Valley View Records]
Lesmus - Liberation [Mindspring Music]
Liquid Bloom, Poranguí - Regreso Al Agua [Desert Trax]
Lokijar - Macronaut [AstroPilot Music]
Low End - Transmute [Self Released]
Magnetik, Marija Balaz - Stranger [Cosmicleaf Records]
Master Margherita - Twitch Jams #1 [Self Released]
Mind Transport Tools - Space Extension [Self Released]
Mindwalker - Primordial Instinct EP [Self Released]
M.O.O.S. - Music Of Oddity Sounds [Mystic Sound Records]
Morego - Blessed Seed [Bass Star Records]
Noya Project - The Sense [Self Released]
Ovoid - Enigma [The Rust Music]
Painted In Void - Revolution Within [Self Released]
Perfect Blind - Midnight Rituals [Self Released]
Phobium - Adenosine Enserfment [Self Released]
Photon A.D. - Ekahs Htrae [Self Released]
Pitch Black - Third Light [Dubmission Records]
Plank, Ishq - Nine Maidens Circle [Fantasy Enhancing]
Plesiada - Organjin [Self Released]
Pluto Era - Rotten [Danktronics]
Proxius - Lust In Space [Iono Lounge]
Quanta - Grid Like [Shanti Planti]
Resonant Language - Wiggle Bin EP [Addictech Records]
Rising Galaxy - Love, Trance & Potatoes [Cosmicleaf Records]
Samo Zoko - Stories [Self Released]
Side Liner, Eguana - Trilogy Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sixsense - Final Way [Bass Star Records]
Smooth Genestar - Music For Sleepless Cities [Cyan Music]
Somatoast - Thicc Magicc [Self Released]
Sounds Of Snow - Silk Road [Nutek Chill]
State Azure - Streams [Self Released]
Strana 03 - Clouds Like A Birds [Plexus Music]
Sun Anga - Dream Catching [Melusine Records]
Sundrugs - The Perfect Cure For Hallucinations [Cosmicleaf Records]
Sun Spot - Trance Works [Self Released]
Sylph - Liminal State [Merkaba Music]
Ten Madison - Moonbay [Iono Lounge]
The Amygdala - Myth [Self Released]
The Glitch Wizard - Zen Zone [Black Moon Syndicate]
Theoretical, Windom R - Yakutia [Calligraphy Recordings]
Tor.Ma In Dub - Kinda Underground Remixes Loud In Dub [Self Released]
Translippers - Transparency [Cosmicleaf Records]
Unknown Reality - Hangin' Out Under The Trees [Self Released]
Various Artists - Downtempo Chill Out Feel The Calm 2020 Vol. 1 [Bass Star Records]
Various Artists - Psychedelic Knockout [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Synapse [Sub.Conscience Records]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 11 [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 12 [Plexus Music]
Woob - Suite 59201 [Time Limited]
Zonra - Self Online [Danktronics]
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