January 2020 Psybient Releases
Abakus - Vibes EP [Modus Records]
Aldis7 - Aldis [Self Released]
Ambrosyd1 - ABC [Self Released]
Amunraja - Jotunn [Self Released]
Anchor Hill - Stowaways Vol. 2 [Self Released]
Andy Faze - Fazography [Self Released]
Aquiver - Conexion Divina [Desert Trax]
Arcane Trickster, Lonely Faces - Arcane Trickster vs Lonely Faces [Tempest Recordings]
AstroPilot - The Archive I. Shamanium [Astrosphere Records]
Blue Lotus - Endlessly [Microcosmos Records]
Bluetech - Elementary Particles (2019 Remaster) [Behind The Sky Music]
Celtotron - Siebenbr├╝nnen [Self Released]
Condensspur - Balte Rudens [Self Released]
Continuum - Flow State [Dubmission Records]
Cosmyte - Pyramyte - Awake Side [Hadra AlterVision Records]
Crimbrule, Xenotype - Portal Flex [Danktronics]
D-Echo Project - Cura [Cyan Music]
Dalton Trance Teleport - Chillstronomy [Mystic Sound Records]
Decadency - Futureperfect [Self Released]
Deerskin - Resonate [Self Released]
Dense - The Green Sheep [Cosmicleaf Records]
Desert Dwellers - Breath Reimagined Vol. 1 [Desert Trax]
Dragonfly Trio - Her God [Disco Gecko Recordings]
Dreamstate Logic - Era2 [Self Released]
Dreamstate Logic - Era3.I [Self Released]
Dreamstate Logic - Era3.II [Self Released]
Dreamstate Logic - Era4 [Self Released]
Dreamstate Logic - Era5 [Self Released]
Droplitz - Interlude [Self Released]
Eguana - Invisible Civilization Vol. 4 [Cosmicleaf Records]
Ekorce - Endless Flow [Merkaba Music]
Eurythmy - Infinitum [Shanti Planti]
Experiments In Silence - Live In The Studio 2019 [Self Released]
Fascinating Earthbound Objects - Don't Panic [Self Released]
Flexagon - 7 Nocturnes East [Self Released]
Future Opioids - Find The Others [Astral Vision Records]
Garrison - Musical Lifeforms [Self Released]
Germind - Apocalypse [Cosmicleaf Records]
Gregory Paul Mineeff - After Today [Cosmicleaf Records]
High M Vectro - Karmatron [Protonic Records]
Hullabalo0 - Portal Potty EP [Billegal Beats]
Hypnotic Tribe - Lucidity [Self Released]
Infinati - The Wub Conscious [Self Released]
Infrequency - Mind Connection EP [Self Released]
John Spanos - Absence [Cosmicleaf Records]
Jonteal - Mezmerize [The Rust Music]
Kaya Project - The Light Within [Tribal Shift Records]
Kick Bong - Mission To Audition [Cosmicleaf Records]
Lauge, Baba Gnohm - The Moment In Between [Self Released]
Lauge, ThePianoPlayer - Aftermath [Self Released]
Launchpad Infinity, Curtis G - Zero G [Self Released]
Lemonchill - Subconsciousness Whispers [Self Released]
Lensflare - Pleiades (The Destiny And The Love) [Self Released]
Linkpc1is - Moon [Self Released]
Liquidroom - Time Of Memories [AstroPilot Music]
Loopmoon - Ancestral Technology [Self Released]
Lost Shaman - Houseguard [Bass Star Records]
Maitri - Waiting For Blue [Self Released]
Mana Shield - Sequence Of Dreams [Ovnimoon Records]
Medicine Fox - Yelapa Tide [Self Released]
Memorio - Station Elerus [Timewarp Records]
Mindex - Nosorog [Time Resonance Music]
Mindwalker - Cortex [Self Released]
Mystic Crock - Zigzag [Self Released]
Nalepa - Thoughtforms [Self Released]
NoWa - Subterranean Sound [Danktronics]
Nuell Martin - Ice [Self Released]
Obsqure - Eight [Cosmicleaf Records]
Patrick Bernard (Prah-ladji) - Principle Of Conscious Dance [Altar Records]
Pedra Branca - The Remixes [Merkaba Music]
Peek Levels - Alien Vision [Danktronics]
Psiloshock - Space Flower [Self Released]
Pura Scout - Itself EP [Self Released]
S-Range, Arkamena - I Am / The Computer / The Program / The Game [Sofa Beats]
Sapien - Space Opera [Tranquil Sounds Productions]
Secret Archives Of The Vatican - East Meets East [Self Released]
Shantifax - In Infinity [Sarnarschourt Records]
Shantifax - Infinity [Sarnarschourt Records]
Shpongle Static - Live At Ozora 2019 [Twisted Records]
Sigesmundsen - Sofa Crash [Cosmicleaf Records]
Smilk - Smilk Remixed [Self Released]
Sourone - Mood Swings [Self Released]
Stefan Torto - Boards Of Athens [Self Released]
Steve Good - Nothing Is Ever Created Or Destroyed [Self Released]
Sundrugs - Desert Underground [Cosmicleaf Records]
Swesdo - Swesdub [Black Moon Syndicate]
SwivelBOT - Gloss [Black Moon Syndicate]
Tea Tree - Chasm [Mindspring Music]
Tikki Masala - Serpent War [Self Released]
Tor.Ma In Dub - The Colour From Space (Invaders Version) [Self Released]
Tron Sepia - Children Of Twilight [Mystic Sound Records]
Urda Project - Daemon EP [Psykedream Music]
Various Artists - Ambient Downtempo Chill Out 2020 Vol. 1 [Fresh Frequencies]
Various Artists - Ambient Online Themed Compilation 07: Jupiter [Ambient Online]
Various Artists - Chill Out Lounge Space Bass 2020 Top 20 Hits, Vol. 1 [Bass Star Records]
Various Artists - Cognition [Protonic Records]
Various Artists - Deep Relaxation Yoga Ambient 2020 Top 20 Hits, Vol. 1 [Bass Star Records]
Various Artists - Harmonic Realms [Merkaba Music]
Various Artists - Lunar Phase [Free Spirit Records]
Various Artists - Of Wood [Visionary Shamanics Records]
Various Artists - Relax Culture Vol. 2 [Cosmicleaf Records]
Various Artists - The Ultimate Chill Out Downtempo 2020 Top 10 Hits, Vol. 1 [Bass Star Records]
Various Artists - United Beats Of Downtempo Vol. 2 [Blue Tunes Chillout]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 6 [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout (Dynamic) Vol. 7 [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 8 [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 9 [Plexus Music]
Various Artists - Winter Day Chillout Vol. 10 [Plexus Music]
Wendigo - Yggdrasil EP [Self Released]
Wolf Tech - Cry For Roots [Shanti Planti]
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