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[OLD] SOFA Awards 2020
[Tutorial] Hands on SoftRobotics
This tutorial aims to discover soft robotics with a step by step guide to build a simple robot and a complete explanation on how to simulate/actuate it with SOFA.
[Plugin] runSofa2 (SofaQtQuick)
A much needed new graphical interface for interactive modeling and execution of SOFA
[Plugin] Cosserat model
Cosserat model has been introduced in continuum robotics to simulate the deformation the robot body whose geometry and mechanical characteristics are similar to a rod. By extension, this model can be used to simulate needles and sutures or wires. This model can be used to model and control concentric tube robots, continuum robots actuated with cables, or pneumatic soft robots with a constant cross-section.
[Plugin] Soft-rigid interaction tutorial

Simulations involving colliding objects are among the most difficult to set-up, and understanding the options available within SOFA is not straightforward, especially if you are taking your first steps with the framework. Probe-tissue-interaction provides reference simulations for modelling the interaction between a rigid and a soft object. The repository contains simulation scenes modelling the same exact scenario (1) using penalty forces, (2) using constraints and (3) prescribing surface displacement. Additional How-To for setting up scenes and tips are provided!
[Plugin] SOFA RHI
Rendering Hardware Interface API for SOFA. Render your simulation using either OpenGL ES, Direct3D 11, Metal or Vulkan with SOFA.