Please let us know which features you would most like us to add to in the next round of updates.  If you have any great ideas please tick other and let us know, or write us a comment in the comments section after the poll.
This is the 7th version of this poll, and many of your great ideas have already been added (such as X votes per hour/day, instructions above/below poll, poll start and end dates etc..., etc...) or are scheduled to be added very soon.  Thanks for all your support and lets make this the best poll maker on the web (and 100% free too!)
Which features would you like to see added to pollmaker (V7)
Multiple Questions
Single click Voting (no Vote Button)
Tick a set number of answers (eg: min 2 or max 4)
Send poll via Email
Rank items (eg: from 1 to 10)
Search and Vote in public polls
List your poll publicly on this site
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