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Matt Kelly @CrowdedWorlds Player Engagement Manager at @EA game designer
Ryan B @PrestigeIsKey Call of Duty V.I.P, Professional Prestige Artist, and Machinima Partner
Bolt @BoltActionDevil Youtuber/Editor, Top 50 worldwide Recon BF4, Halo Team Snipers 50
Dries De Lange @_Driezzz Mobile & Software developer at @Happy_Metrix
unitool @unitool Lead Level Designer Multiplayer Visceral
Zach Mumbach @zachulon Visceral Games Currently working as MP Producer on Battlefield Hardline
Thom. Zeh Greek @ZehGreek YouTube Partner Manager of @NoVaGamingBF
Caroline @CarolineGuesdon Mini Battlefield Beast Event Management Manchester Met Uni
Just call me NaCl @WDA_Punisher DRMB Youtube Manager Sponsored by NoScope Gaming Glasses noscopeglasses.com