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Cullen family, Roadford
Holly Titman, Stithians
Mandy Harris, Colliford
Mark Tolboom, 'Meldon Starscape'
Vernon Hutter, 'Colourful serenity', Wimbleball
Tara Busby-Price, 'Leaf it out', Burrator
Barrie Smith, 'Calm before the storm', Wimbleball
Jamie Phillips-Charles, Wimbleball
Kirsty Chalk, 'The Unkown', Kennick
Daniel Thorne, Wistlandpound
Nicky Wicks, Longham
Graeme and Jane Sandford, 'Labradoodles at Siblyback'
Suzy Cole, 'August Bank Holiday Utopia', Wimbleball
Jon Ogborne, 'Anticipation', Burrator
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Lynda Mudle-Small, 'A Farming Culture Now Lost', Colliford
Roger Shattock, 'On the Edge', Wimbleball
Adam Kendall, Wimbleball
Jasmina Goodair, 'The Dam', Roadford
Luke Eveleigh, Wimbleball
Mandy Pollard, 'What's over there Grandad?', Upper Tamar
Amy Lakey, 'Reflections', Siblyback
Chris Guest, Exmoor Fly Fishing, Wimbleball
Paul West, 'Beautiful Burrator Reservoir'
Jamie Phillips-Charles, Wimbleball
Mark Tolboom, 'Jubilee Sundial', Roadford
Sam Hussey, Kennick
Denis Symonds, 'Fernworthy Boat Angler'
Emilia Pepperrell, Burrator
Tony Cullen, Roadford
George Haydon, 'Guardian', Burrator
Rebecca Parry, Siblyback
Andrew Bulley, 'Fishing at Burrator'
John Colwill, Siblyback
Erik Tolboom, 'Relaxing after a hard day', Roadford
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar
Pete Frise, 'Burrator Boat'
Faye Hatherley-Edwin, 'SUP Cycle', Siblyback
Neil Bulman, Roadford
Gilly Cox, 'Active Adventures', Meldon
Peter Morrison, 'Winter Reflections', Tottiford
Graeme and Jane Sandford, Siblyback
Heather Tigwell, 'Ears my favourite view!', Burrator
Jasmina Goodair, 'Water fun', Stithians
Dominik Griffin, Wimbleball
Jennie Cogger, Wimbleball
Keir Beeson, 'Paddlers', Roadford
Liz Morrell, 'Terry Nutkins', Wimbleball
Josh Maddison, 'Reservoir Rumination', Kennick
Lynda Mudle-Small, 'A Brisk Breeze Blowing', Roadford
Neil Bulman, Roadford
Gareth Bartlett, 'Find the Centre', Stithians
Paula Tremblett, Burrator
Erik Tolboom, 'Peaceful reflection', Meldon
Liz Morrell, 'Walking with Terry', Wimbleball
Neil Harvey, Melbury
Lucinda Allenby, 'Unexpected Rainbow', Wimbleball
Matt Harris, Porth Reservoir
Stephen Cogger, Wimbleball
Mike Rogers, 'Dawn Patrol', Porth
Jamie Phillips-Charles, Wimbleball
Louise Burton, Siblyback
Sarah Ryan, 'First fish', Upper Tamar Lake
Nadine Prouse, 'Looking on with anticipation', Wimbleball
Helen Davey, Roadford
Pete Grant, 'Evening reflections', Roadford
Nik Tomkins, 'Beauty and the Beast', Burrator
Paula Tremblett, Burrator
Jasmina Goodair, 'Ahoy me hearties', Roadford
Stuart Beardsley, Lower Tamar
Rick Napp, 'Sailing Symmetry', Siblyback
Tina Knapman, Porth
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar
Sarah Ryan, 'Enjoying an evening stroll', Upper Tamar
Paul Tillsley, 'Wimbleball triathlon'
Steven Gliddon, 'Purple Rain', Lower Tamar
Josh, Argal
Tina Knapman, 'Spot of Fishing', Porth
Vicki Chappell, Wimbleball
Warren Wise, Colliford
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Tim Thornton, 'Lower Tamar Angling'
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Josh, Argal
Barrie Smith, 'Discovering Nature - Reaching Out', Wimbleball
Casey De Vincenzo, Roadford
Barbara Laughton, 'Conkers', Roadford
Mandy Pollard, 'Another enjoyable race with Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club', Upper Tamar
Josh, Argal
Jason Hawke, 'On Stithians Lake bhat boat'
Evelyn Cole, 'Best seats in the house', Siblyback
Fran Morgan, Roadford
Hayley Regan, 'Jurassic Jeep', Burrator
Josepine Stark, Sunrise Duplicity, Siblyback
Leanne Boyden, Stithians
Julia Amies-Green, 'Early Morning Exploring', Wimbleball
Lisa Marshall, 'You're never too old to play at Siblyback'
Mandy Pollard, 'Go this way son and then you can go that way!' Upper Tamar
Sally Summerfield, 'Giddy up horsey', Siblyback
Scarlett Cullen, Roadford
Evelyn Cole, 'Summer skies', Siblyback
Tara Busby-Price, 'Love at the lake', Burrator
Julia Amies-Green, 'Boats at Sunrise', Wimbleball
Josh, Argal
Vicki Chappell, Wimbleball
Josh, Argal Lake
Becky Bridgman, 'Pond dipping', Roadford
Josh, Argal
Tim Thornton, Upper Tamar
Josh, Argal
Dave James, Upper Tamar
Keir Beeson, 'Perfect Day', Roadford
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar
Adam Kendall, Wimbleball
Brent Gillespie, Wimbleball
Bryden Livermore, 'The cosmic arena', Roadford
Mark Tolboom, 'Sunset at Roadford'
John Smith, 'Amber sailing at Stithians'
Carrie Wait, 'Reflection of calm at Roadford Lake'
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Dan Spearman, 'Reflected Times at Tamar'
Chris Guest, 'Wimbleball sunrise'
Julia Amies-Green, 'Early Morning Reflections', Wimbleball
Daniel Thorne, 'A friendly bench', Wistlandpound
Neale Smith, 'Morning walk and wildlife', Upper Tamar
Tim Thornton, Melbury
Peter Morrison, 'Sunset over Trenchford'
Christian Lawson, Longham Lakes
Dave James, Jennets
Elena Dedun, Burrator
Mandy Pollard, 'Upper Tamar Lake Sailing Club Members enjoy the thrill of the race'
Gemma Preece, 'Roadford boats'
Emilia Pepperrell, Burrator
Jenny Richardson, 'Walking for Wellness - the Tamar Lake Two Counties Stroll'
Rick Napp, 'Autumn Reflections', Siblyback
Gemma Preece, Roadford
Evelyn Cole, 'Birds of a feather sticking together', Siblyback
Gilly Cox, 'Sunlight and shadows', Meldon
Heather Street, Tamar Lakes
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar
Neale Smith, 'I think I may be getting wet in a minute!, Upper Tamar
Hudson Swan, 'Sentinels of the Past', Colliford
Julie Bowlzer, 'My Lake', Stithians
Luke Eveleigh, Wimbleball
Hugo Hall, 'Wandering above Wimbleball'
Ian Farmer, 'Nightsky', Porth Reservoir
Jamie Phillips-Charles, Wimbleball
Margaret Wardle, 'British Float Tube Association fishing at Wimbleball'
Josephine Cole, 'It's a dog's life', Siblyback
Charlotte Flay, 'Camping at Wimbleball'
Jasmina Goodair, 'The Wolf Enters', Roadford
Stuart Beardsley, Argal
Katherine Thatcher, Tamar
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar
Fran Morgan, Roadford
Luke Eveleigh, Wimbleball
Kirsty Chalk, 'Reflections', Trenchford
Linda Cook, Roadford
Tim Thornton, 'Lower Tamar fishing'
Liz Morrell, 'Terry Nutkins', Wimbleball
Tim Thornton, Upper Tamar
Louise Burton, Siblyback
Erik Tolboom, 'Boats at Roadford Lake'
Louise Burton, Siblyback
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Tim Thornton, Lower Tamar Lake
Steve Jeveons, 'I think I'll go fishing today', Stithians
Lynda Mudle-Small, 'Moorland Reflections', Colliford
Margaret Wardle, Wimbleball
Louise Burton, Siblyback
Mark Tolboom, Roadford Pier
Paul Tillsley, 'Exmoor Pony', Wimbleball
Daniel Thorne, 'Before sunrise', Wistlandpound
Lynda Mudle-Small, Family Fun, Roadford
Jamie Phillips-Charles, Wimbleball
Peter Morrison, 'Winter's End', Venford
Dean Baker, 'Calm Reflections', Crowdy
Sarah Lewis, 'Sunrise Serenity', Stithians
Rob Davey, Burrator
Mark and Emma Rose, Melbury
Stuart Beardsley, Porth
Vicki Chappell, Wimbleball