Which stories should be discussed during the podcast?
Santa Bring Me A Dinosaur
Spelling Trouble
Should I Stay or Should I Go.
Maker of Makers!
(The Flesh Is) Weak
The Dressmaker's Lament
Special Delivery
The Bonds You Choose, and Those You Leave Behind
Chrysalis' Kingdom: All Falls Down
The Calm Before The Storm
The First Princess
Here at the end, of all things!
Another Lifetime
Twilight Sparkle at the Gate of Heavenly Peace
Paint It Black
The Crystal Uprising
Second Chances
Moving On
Beyond Deity
Welcome to the End of all Things
Another Pony’s Poison
Wake-up Call
Not a Thing to Do/But Talk to You
Lily's Letter
Solacing Dreams
Twilight Under the Bodhi Tree
Shoot for the Stars
Yesterday's Diamonds
The Double Bar
Twilight Sparkle vs. The Heat Death of the Universe
No Spring Chicken