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Who will be #1on the BSN Countdown this week
Erin Stoll-Judgement Day
Cody Wickline-Addicted To You
Josh Gallagher-Ain't No Angels
Brandon Bailey-Friends Will Never Forget
Alexa Grover-Born Ready
Kendall Bowser-So Simple
Kylie Mac-Go Big Or Go Home
Jimmy Sarr-When The Whiskey Gets Me
Karoline Rhett-Big World
Celeste Kellogg-Rain
Kelsie May-Fool For You
Gina Giordano-Changed
Mandy Shay-You're My Addiction
Electric Cowboys-I Love You But I Won't
Donnie Lee Strickland-My Kind Of Woman
Steve Griggs-Drinking Texas Off My Mind
Shane Shaw-I Bought It
Ashley Wineland-Family Business
Meghan Clark- Eyes
Diamond Dixie -Diamonds In This Town
Bryan James-smoke,Gamble,Drink
Cail Higgins-We Gon' Be Str8
Sammy Bulka-Broken Record
Ciera Mackenzie-Rain On My Guitar
Mersi Stone -Wild & Free
SilverDrive35- Those Days
Kelsey Coan-What You See Is What you Get
Jessica Rose-Not This Time
Courtney Dickinson-So Over The Rainbow
Mickey Lamantia-First,Last One
Bobby Johnson-Nothing
Don Woods-Red Car Gren Light
Tobacco Rd Band-I Wanna Hear Some Steel
Che Orton-Honky Tonk Man
Casie Joy -Just Drive
David Britt-Make Your Shadow Sweat
Cottonbox Rd -_Saving Grace
Alyssa Lynn- You Keep Me Wild
Darrin Morris Band-Paint
Rod Black-Go Big Or Go Home
Taylor Marie-Wish I Missed
Joe Schmidt-Over Time
Josh Kehr-A Night Carved Out In Time
Heath Fagen -Kicking And Screaming
Casey Weston-No Strings Attached
Blue Honey-Angels Come Home
Ray Stephenson-Don't Let Her Be Gone
Franklin Embry - Stevie Nicks
Ducky Medlock-Tennessee Mud
Tyson Leamon-Any Kind Of Wine Girl
CJay Bell-Southern Man
Tammy Cassidy-Undress My Heart
Joey Gettings-Drinking On You
Big PO- Still See It Now
Michelle Leigh- Good As Gone
McKayla Reece - That's America
Kris Jones- Big Black Truck
Eagle Joe Leatherman- Twisted Truth
Donna Jo- Under The Weather
Jay Parr- Coming Soon
Keith Fitzgerald- Everybody's Favorite
Chris Stephen-Silver Sun Crush
Keira Lyn Ford-Sweep Out The Dust
Julia Ann - Fallen Angel
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