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The 12th Annual KP Fannies - Elimination Round - Best Novel-Sized Story - Choose 6
Being More Than A Simulacrum - ChrisTheCynic
Break Away - DismalOrc29177
Connecting the Dots - RufusPrime54
Kidnapped - JustSaiyan123
The Hunter - Sentinel103
What's the Alma Mater - MrDrP
The Strange Life After - The1herton
All Things Probably 4: Graduation - Slyrr
Assorted Ficlets- PurpleGirl761
KP: Axess Hero - SuperHeroTimeFan
United And Divided - Librana
Tales of the Awkward - SChrome
The Monkey King Takes His Queen - JeffCFTW
Better than Revenge - Tigrissa18
KP: Shadow Plays - CelendiAU