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12th Annual KP Fannies - Elimiation Round -Best Minor Character (choose 5)
Joss Possible - Being More Than A SimulaCrum - ChrisThe Cynic
Bonnie Rockwaller - Past & Present (by Zaratan) Vol 2 - Levi2000a
Jessica - Tell it to the Marines -Campy
Joss Possible -Finding Yourself - RufusPrime54
Steve Barkin, Adrenna Lynn, and Martin Smarty - What's the Alma Mater - MrDrP
Tara - What Follows the Monkey - Daccu65
The Mather - What's In a Name - HumpyDumpy
Nana & Slim Possible - Graduation in Early MAYhem - Jimmy1201
Yori - Looking Thru Your Eyes - Dream Wreaver
Betty Director - KP: Shadow Plays - CelendilAU