COMEBACK Gamer Player Types Test

1. Which is more enjoyable to you?
Defeating a difficult boss
Sharing about how you defeated a difficult boss
2. Which do you enjoy more in quests?
Getting involved in the game lore
Breaking the game by testing ALL the possible ways to get to the objective
3. Would your friends describe you as someone who:
Has a lot of in-game friends
Strategizes a lot
4. Which do you enjoy more in a multiplayer game?
Chatting with other players
Getting the latest equipment
5. Which would you rather have a private server to:
Party up with your friends and complete quests
Concentrate on completing personal objectives on your own
6. Which would you enjoy more as a multiplayer gamer?
Running your own squad/ guild?
Exploring every corner of the map in a game and try everything possible at least once
7. What's more important in a multiplayer game to you?
The number of friends
The number of areas to explore
8. What's more important to you?
The characters and world’s backstories in the game
Interesting side quests and fascinating game mechanics
9. You are being targeted by a strong enemy in a multiplayer game. Do you:
Join forces with a friend to kill it together
Camp somewhere you know the enemy won’t follow
10. You're a player in a multiplayer game, and about to go into an unexplored area. You have your choice of one more person for your party. Do you bring:
A close friend regardless of their skill level
A guru, to identify all the items you discovered
11. Someone has been killing you in a multiplayer game. Do you want to:
Ask your friends to avenge you
Take revenge by yourself
12. Which is more exciting?
Nice-looking world and characters
Many opportunities to defeat others
13. Which would you enjoy more?
Winning against another player in a solo 1v1
Completing the game together with your party/squad
14. Is it better to be:
15. Would you rather:
Hang out with other players
Disturb other players
16. A new patch has been updated. Which do you look forward to more?
Exploring new maps and game lores
Getting the latest character and/or items
17. In an online game, would you rather be known as:
Someone who knows every part of the map and game.
Someone who understands and uses the best strat in the game
18. Would you rather:
Grind in the game to get better equipment
Complete a side quest together with your friends
19. Do you tend to:
Know all the easter eggs (hidden features) of the game
Test out the game’s mechanics, even if it may cause you to lose
20. Which would you rather do:
Solve a puzzle no one else has solved
Beating the game by myself e.g. without guides or friends
21. In an online game, would rather be known for
22. Would you rather:
Defeat an enemy
Explore a new area
23. If you're alone in an area, do you think about:
Exploring new maps and game lores
Finding other players to defeat
24. You learn that another player is targeting you. Do you:
Hide in a place that your opponent is unlikely to know
Attack them first
25. You meet a new player. Do you think of them as:
Someone who sees me as a know-it-all
Someone to “own”
26. In an online game, would you rather:
Having the strongest weapon in the game
Be the most feared person in the game
27. In an online game, would you be more prone to brag about:
Your KDA and/or win rate
Your inventory (equipment, items, weapons, etc.)
28. Would you rather have:
A spell to damage other players
A spell that increases the rate of experience gain
29. Would you rather receive as a quest reward:
Experience points
An item with 3 charges that lets you control other players against their will
30. When playing a game, is it more fun to:
Achieve the high score
Reach Top rank on the leaderboard
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