💪 What's One Supplement YOUR Body Needs Most? 💪

What's Your Gender:
How Old Are You?
Are You Currently Taking Any Vitamins, Minerals, Or Herbal Supplements Currently?
What Is Your Main Reason For Wanting To Take Dietary Supplements?
For A Specific Medical Condition I Have.
Just For General Health & To Stay Healthy.
To Better Myself, My Appearance, Etc.
What Are You Most Worried About? (Check All That Apply)
Memory Loss
Bone Health
Muscle & Sports Performance
Digestive Health
Eye Health
Heart Health
Joint Health
Losing Weight
Reproductive Health
Sleep & Cognitive Health
Which Most Accurately Describes Your Diet?
I Eat All Kinds Of Healthy Foods & Have A Balanced Diet.
I'd Consider Myself To Be Pretty Health-Conscious.
I Eat More Fast & Processed Foods Than I Should.
I'm A Pretty Picky Eater.
I Have A Limited Diet (Keto, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Etc.)
I Do Not Watch What I Eat Whatsoever.
Are Your Meals Usually Half Veggies & Half Fruits?
Typically, Yes.
No Way, Never.
What Is Your Typical Stress Number? (5-Stars: Highest Stress)
Are There Any Kinds Of Foods You Try To Avoid? (Check All That Apply)
All Animal Products.
Any Meat.
Red Meat. Poultry & Fish Are OK.
Anything Gluten.
Fats & Cholesterol.
I Watch My Carbs & Sugar Closely.
I Have No Dietary Restrictions.
When You Wake Up Each Day, Are You Refreshed & Ready To Tackle The Day?
No Way. I Need To Get My Sleep Health On Track.
Yes, Typically I Wake Up Feeling Well-Rested.
Overall, How Much Energy Do You Have?
I'm The Epitome Of An Energizer Bunny.
It Depends On How Much Coffee I've Had.
I Prefer An Afternoon Nap.
I'm Dragging Until My Head Hits The Pillow
It Depends On The Day.
How Active Are You?
A Complete Couch Potato, Honestly.
I Exercise 1-3 Times A Week
I Exercise 3-5 Times A Week.
I Exercise 5-7 Times A Week.
During Cold & Flu Season, How Often Do You Typically Get Sick?
I Am Consistently Pretty Healthy.
I May Catch A Mild Case Each Year.
I May Catch A Mild Case Every Other Year.
I Spend A Full Week In Bed With Whatever Is Going Around.
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