Sewer 101 Quiz

How many miles of main lines do coastal Alabama utilities maintain AND what is the average number of gallons of wastewater treated each day?
A. 5+ miles/5,300+ gallons
B. 50+ miles/53,000+ gallons
C. 500+ miles/530,000+ gallons
D. 5,000+ miles/53,000,000+ gallons
When wastewater enters a treatment facility, what is separated? (Source:
Liquid and solid waste
Chlorine and water
Germs and water
Red and blue coloring
What consumes waste during the treatment process? (Source:
All of the following are common causes of sewer spills except:
"Flushable" wipes
Severe weather
Define Wastewater:
The water after a storm.
A waterway that comes off of a larger river or body of water.
The water excreted while exercising.
All of the used water that goes down the drains after washing dishes, laundry, bathing, flushing the toilet etc.
Should "flushable" wipes be flushed?
What does the measurement MGD stand for?
Many Gallons per Day
Multimedia Graphic Design
Machine-generated Data
Millions of Gallons per Day
Is grease recyclable?
What is a "fatberg"?
Another term for a glacier.
The term for a giant lump of congealed fat that is held together with other items that people should not be flushing down the sewer, such as wet wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products.
A type of lift station.
A large amount of leaves that clog the drain to the sewer.
Do I have an impact on sewer systems when I flush things down the toilet that shouldn't be?
No. Pipelines are indestructible and everything breaks down anyways.
Yes. Pipelines can't take everything and this should be considered when you think about items you are flushing or putting down the drain.
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