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Created 12th October 2017 - 9:39 PM
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Results Breakdown - Part 2 / 6

Ghost / Alias / Linked Clips: a feature where duplicating a clip with specified modifier key would make the copies 'linked' to the original, so whenever a change is made in the original clip all its copies will get updated accordingly. This should work within Arranger and also between Clip Launcher and Arranger (so original clip can be in Launcher, linked copies in Arranger)
Track freeze: ability to temporarily bounce a MIDI or audio track to audio (ideally at specified point in device chain, leaving other devices and their automation intact), so that the CPU can be freed from processing performance-hungry instruments or effects; but the bounce should be reversible, so - at any point in time - one should be able to choose "unfreeze" to go back to original MIDI / audio data with full devices chain and automation
Comping: ability to record several takes of audio or MIDI, put all of those takes synchronised in a 'folder' and switch between the best segments of the takes for a final output - those segments could be either selected manually by user, or could be automated e.g. an LFO could cycle between different takes
Pitch Follower modulator: a modulator, which would respond to the pitch of incoming audio signal, i.e. the audio equivalent of Keytrack (for MIDI data) or Envelope Follower (for volume of audio signal)
Resizeable track volume faders: both in mixer panel and - in particular - in mix view
Time-stretch in Sampler: additional playback mode, where the playback is key-tracked (so responds to a pitch of incoming MIDI note) but the speed of playback remains constant - this would be useful for complex samples or loops that change their sonic character over time (e.g. highly modulated lead, guitar riff loop) where the cycle and/or timing of events should remain constant regardless of the pitch
Keep sample in RAM: for bigger audio clips (or slow HDD setups), it would be beneficial if Inspector panel gave an option to load and keep the sample in RAM, instead of streaming it from hard drive
Expanded devices view: the devices panel is limited in height and obviously width, whereas the ability to layer and nest devices makes complex setups difficult to control and manage. It would be useful to have a dedicated view - like for ARRANGE / EDIT / MIX now - that'd show the device chain on a full screen as a hierarchical tree, ideally with ability to also show modulators
Extended MIDI channel support: this is important for hardware users and would also allow building of more sophisticated device chains, with per-note or per-clip channel information controlling which devices are triggered by which notes
Plug-in grabber: an option to automatically create a multi-sample from a VST instrument, with specified pitch & velocity ranges and intervals (like in Renoise: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Render_or_Freeze_Plugin_Instruments_to_Samples)
Groove pool: a more advanced version of current shuffle, where you can 'extract' groove from existing MIDI or audio clips and apply it to your own clips (like Live has: https://www.ableton.com/en/manual/using-grooves/)
Video playback: so that users could use Bitwig to synchronise their music with video
Time signature automation: ability to automate the change of the time signature of the song on the fly
Global tuning: a feature that makes sure your project adheres to specified scale and key, by restricting / re-mapping notes falling out of the scale. It should also make it possible to change the scale & key of existing parts if user so requests.
Advanced step sequencer / MIDI editor: to allow streamlined step-by-step recording of notes with a MIDI controller or keyboard, with adjustable note lengths, intervals, velocity, etc. for when one can't play the sequence live but also doesn't want to break the flow constantly using mouse & keyboard
Live looper: make the Clip Launcher live-looping friendly, by allowing per-clip controllable post-recording action and action type, MIDI-controllable reverse, double & halve functions, etc.
More volume meters: proper volume meters on all I/O dropdown menus to help seeing where the signal comes and goes, how high is it, etc. to facilitate gain staging while patching things (on all levels: audio settings, tracks, devices I/O etc...)
Support for multi-channel audio I/O VSTs: ability to send and receive separate audio signals to and from single instance of VST that support that (e.g. Moebius Looper)
Flexible GUI: make all the panels detachable, dockable and resizeable, so that users can arrange their workspace in accordance with their setup and workflow
Legato clip launch: ability to launch new clip in a way that it starts playback from the position where current clip is playing, so that there's no "skip" or "cut" in playback
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