BIWSS Song of The Year [Season 3]
Ghana: God My Plan A by Landish Arthur
UK: Power in Your Name by Efel
UK: Take me to the King by Millicent Stephenson
Nigeria: Chinke Nagode by king David Tobi
USA: iCan by Adaora feat Papa San
US: Freedom by Dr Sheila L Johnson
US: Soldier for Christ by Dwain Walters
Dubai: Greater Love by Enny Okosun / UniekGrace
Nigeria: 8 Billion Blessings by king David Tobi
Nigeria: Ijuba Mi by Bidemi Omoba
Zimbabwe: Moses Chunga by Gosh Da Reel
N Ireland Powerful Cross by Aaron V Graham
Uganda: Believer by Colifixe
Zambia: Hold Me Back by Danny TSG Humayne / KB
Ghana Jesu by Cwesi Oteng feat Nikki Laoye
Nigeria: Yaweh by Tosin Peniel
USA: Transfigure Me by Timsong
South Africa: How great You are [Dav Risen Mix] by Stasoul / Mbali M / Nani Experience
Ghana: Things You Do by Raf Able
Nigeria: Loud it by Agent Snypa
UK: Touring by FEGS
USA: Raise it by Wayne Stoddart
JAMAICA: Free up by Godartiste & Johnmark Wiggan
Bahamas: While I Wait by Shara J
USA: Trust & Believe by Divine of Annapolis
Nigeria: Overcommer by David Spexial / Sammy Sas
Nigeria: Nwa Jesus by Nolly CIA
South Africa: Waited On You by Echoes ZA
Ghana: Untouchable by Syre Smith
Nigeria: Kosi by young god / UniekGrace
Nigeria: Obadara by O’Tobi
Uganda: Onjagala by Swat 424
Uganda: Love in the air by Muro Ronald
Turkey: Sun Up! by Paul Emmanuel
UK: I Rise by Louweezar
Nigeria: Hallelujah by Sir TNB / Uniekgrace